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Junior Girls' Offers


Per Junior Girl's Op-Code 3.5.11 & 12

 11. Once a Club (through a player's parent) offers a player a position on a team roster, the offer must remain open, without changes in conditions, for a minimum of four (4) days from the date of the offer unless the offer is declined, in writing, prior to the expiration of the offer period. Once an offer is accepted, in writing, it is binding to that club unless the player is released in accordance with provisions of the Junior Girls Operating Code. Binding offers cannot be made to any player until the start of the tryout period. All written correspondence must be submitted via email.

12. Parents and players have the right to request that an offer to play for a Club be put in writing.

"Four Day Rule" Clarification

When calculating "four days from the date of the offer," you take the date the offer is made (regardless of time) and add 4.  Therefore, if an offer is made any time on the 10th day of the month, it must remain open until the end of the day (midnight) on the 14th of the month (10+4=14).  Using November, 2011 as an example, an offer made on Thursday, November 10th must remain open until midnight on Monday, November 14th



KRVA Sanctioned Tryouts

KRVA Sanctioned Tryouts for Boys begin:

October 5, 2013

KRVA Sanctioned Tryouts for Girls begins:

November 10, 2013 - 14 and Under
November 17, 2013 - 15-18 and Under

Any Tryouts or team selection events occurring prior to these dates are NOT sanctioned through KRVA.

Registration Opens September 1, 2013

Member registration for new and returning members will open on September 1, 2013. Until then you will get a notice stating that there are no membership options available at this time. Please wait until September 1 to register.

Notice to our Members

There is a site on facebook called "Keystone Region Volleyball Association (KRVA)" which is not an official account belonging to the Keystone Region.  The region does not control or authorize any information on this site.

Membership Fees 2014

USA Volleyball has increased the cost of insurance for the 2014 season. The KRVA Board voted unamimously to absorb the increased cost and not pass it on to the membership this season.

Tournament Director Application Available

The Tournament Director Application is available on the Documents page of this website in the list of Tournament Director docs. If you are a KRVA member interested in running tournaments in the Keystone region please fill out this form and submit to You will be added to the mailing list and will receive updates as we transition to AES.


2013 BJNC Keystone Team Finishes

14 Club - Pittsburgh 14 Black - 2nd
                 Panther 14 - 12th

14 Open - Yorktowne 14 Blue -- 20th

15 Club - Panther 15 Gold -- 13th

16 Club - Pittsburgh 16 Yellow -- 10th
             - Yorktowne 16 Blue -- 11th
             - Pittsburgh 16 Black -- 13th
             - Club Lehigh 16s -- 31st 

17 Club - Pittsburgh 17 Black -- 15th
             - Pittsburgh 17-Yellow -- 27th
             - Yorktowne 17 Orange -- 33rd
             - First Capitol USA 17 -- 34th
             - Panther 17 Gold -- 41st

17 Open - Yorktowne 17 Blue -- 15th

18 Club - Panther 18 Gold -- 33rd

18 Open - Pittsburgh 18 Black -- 27th
              - Yorktowne 18 Blue -- 29th

GJNC - 2013 Keystone Region Team Finishes

12 National -- Synergy Orange -- 39th
12 American -- TCA Philly Black -- 34th

13 National -- TCA Philly Black -- 34th
13 American -- Synergy Orange -- 43td
14 National -- Club Integrity 43th
14 American -- Synergy Orange -- 33td
15 National -- Synergy Orange -- 19th
15 American -- Synergy LV Orange -- 5th
16 National -- Pitt Premier -- 37th
16 American -- Renaissance 39th
17 National -- Synergy Orange 18th
17 USA - Pitt Premier 17-1 7th
17 American -- Spooky Nook -- 21st
18 Open -- Synergy Orange -- 25th
18 USA -- Keystone Premier -- 23td
18 National -- Pitt Premier 18-1 -- 35th
18 National -- PVA -- 43th
18 American -- Pitt Premier 18-2 -- 31st
Events Change
KRVA to use AES

At the recent board meeting it was voted that KRVA would use AES for their tournament system this year. As with anything new, there are details to be worked out and procedures to be set in place. As such we are asking for your patience as we prepare to implement use of AES.

KRVA Girl's Regional Championship


12 Club
1st Place: TCA 12 Black
2nd Place: PVA 12 Blue

13 Club
1st Place: TCA 13 Black
2nd Place: Club Intergrity 13U

14 Open
1st Place: Synergy 14-1 Orange
2nd Place: TCA 14 Black

14 Club
1st Place: P3R 14 Hot Metal
2nd Place: TCA 14 Blue

15 Open
1st Place: Synergy 15-1 Orange
2nd Place: Pitt Premier 15-2

15 Club
1st Place: Pitt Elite 15 Black
2nd Place:

16 Open
1st Place: Synergy 16-1 Orange
2nd Place: Yorktowne Open Blue

16 Club
1st Place: Keystone VBC-Girls 16 White
2nd Place: Pitt Elite 16 Silver

17 Open
1st Place: Pitt Premier 17
2nd Place: Yorktowne 17 Open Blue

17 Club
1st Place: P3R 17 Fort Duquesne
2nd Place: KeystoneVBC-Girls 17 Red

18 Open
1st Place: CPVBC Black U18
2nd Place: Pitt Elite 18 Premier

18 Club
1st Place: Hoseshoe VBC 18-1
2nd Place: Yorktowne 18 Club Blue


KRVA Boy's Regional Championship Tournament


14&Under Division
1st Place: Yorktowne 14 Blue
2nd Place: Club Lehigh 14S

15&Under Division
1st Place: Panther 15 Gold
2nd Place: Club Lehigh 15 Navy

16&Under Division
1st Place: Club Lehigh 16S
2nd Place: Yorktowne 16 Blue

17&Under Division
1st Place: Yorktowne 17 Blue
2nd Place: Yorktowne NEVA 17 Black

18&Under Division
1st Place: Pittsburgh VBC 18 Black
2nd Place: Pittsburgh VBC 18 Yellow

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Macungie, PA 18062

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2012 - Keystone Region Volleyball Association
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