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Chairperson: Ray Reilly,
girls@krva.org Term 2012 - 2014

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2013 Juniors Meeting and Attendance - Girls - Monday, July 1, 2013

 Click on the link below to access the notes from the Juniors meeting held May 17 and 18, 2013.

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Date: Friday, May 16, 2014
Location: TBA
Time: TBA
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014
Location: TBA
Time: TBA
At least one representative from your club must attend the meeting. 

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The juniors committee is growing this year.
We are trying to involve more areas in the state,
if you have an interest please
contact me by email @


Pittsburgh -

Neal Brown- P3R

Central Pa - 1  

Harrisburg - Mark Spoonhour
- Yorktowne VBC

Philadelphia -

Eric Hertzog - TCA

Lehigh Valley - Michelle Carlton

Scranton - 1

Large club - 5 or more teams
Julie Miller - Pgh Elite
Marty Sandos - Sparks
Doug Blystone - Highline vbc

Small clubs - 4 teams or less
(2 positions)

Tournament Director - Mary Lou Routh
(1 position)

Most of our work is done through email

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Participation in Region Championships - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Team Participation in Region Championships

Club championships

Age     # of teams                    In Regionals

12               30                                  12

13               41                                  16

14               49                                  14

15               48                                  16

16               53                                  17

17               42                                  13

18               19                                   8

Total           282                               96

34% teams take part in regional campionships

Open & Bid

Ages     # of teams      Bid     Region Championship

12                 30             4                    above

13                 41             8                    above

14                 28            16                       17

15                 32            13                       18

16                 33            21                       20

17                 34            19                       17

18                 23              9                         5

Totals         140            78                       77

Take part in Region Championships            

                                     56%                   55%


 TRYOUTS--NOV 2013/2014 Minimize

 Jr Girls Op Code Changes Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
2013 Op Code Changes 10/29/201226.53 KBDownload


 2013 Girls Jr Nationals Minimize

 2014 from the Jr Girls Chair Minimize


Dear Club Directors
Welcome to the 2014, Keystone Region for Junior Girls Volleyball.
As always, thank you for providing opportunities for our young ladies to participate in USAV- sanctioned volleyball programs.
Please make sure you get your tryouts sanctioned through the KRVA Region before the first tryout, November 10, 2013. Make sure all of your coaches are registered with USAV, background screened and are in the process of obtaining their Impact Certification and Concussion Training, before they are allowed to be in the gym. You will not be able to roster them until the process is complete. This usually takes 7 days to process.
When you hold your tryouts make sure all the players that tryout for your club have a minimum of the $15 USAV tryout membership. This membership can be up graded ($37) to the $52 membership after they choose their club.
It is the responsibility of every Club Director and Coach to act appropriately when trying to attract athletes to their program. Coaches are reminded to respect athlete’s commitment to their high school program until the completion of the PIAA playoff
This year the board has voted to allow boys to participate on 12 and under girls teams for the 2014 season. This is being tried on a trial basis for the 2014 season.
By Region rules, there can be no more than 3 boys on the floor at any time. Regular volleyball rules will apply to the 12 and under age groups. These teams, with boys, will not be able to participate in the Region Bid tournament but will be able to play in the Region Championship in May, 2014. We will be asking for input from everyone during the season. If you are playing in out of region events, make sure you check with the TD, of the event, for permission to use boys.
When ordering uniforms, make sure you read the USAV rule There is new verbiage concerning the Libero Jersey, USAV 19.2a. Make sure you take the time to read the rules concerning uniforms before you order. If you use your uniforms for more than 1 season, these uniform rules will be mandatory for the 2015 season.
Starting this season we are going to AES for our tournament system. All rosters for our in region events will be AES rosters only. You will be able to adjust your rosters this season. Make sure you are not using OPEN players on CLUB team rosters for in region events. Only AES Rosters will be accepted for region sanctioned events. If you are having problems contact the office for help.
The rule pertaining to electronic devices, Girls Junior Op’s Code 6.11, by support of officiating crews at our in region events, will not be tolerated. Work teams and their coaches are not permitted to use cell phones or other devices while line judging, keeping score, etc. Take the time to review this rule.
New this season the KRVA will honor 6 members for their contribution to the region and the sport of volleyball.
There are several categories that members can be nominated;
1. Outstanding Club Director
2. Outstanding Male Coach
3. Outstanding Female Coach
4. Golden Whistle Referee
5.  Scorekeeper
6. Outstanding Parent
The nomination forms and directions will be found on the new website when it debuts sometime late October/early November.
Spooky Nook Facility will be the site of the KRVA Bid Tournament on April 5 & 6, 2014
The KRVA Region Championships will be held at the Pa Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pa on May 3 & 4, 2014. All of these events will be 1 day tournaments for each age group. The day and age will be posted soon.
Have a great season
Good luck to all
Ray Reilly
KRVA Jr Girls Chair


 KRVA BID Event - April 2014 Minimize

KRVA Championships - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

KRVA Open and Club Championships 2014

May 3 and 4, 2014

Specific dates for when divisions will be playing is yet to be determined.


 Regional Ranking Results Minimize
 TitleModified Date 
2010/2011 Final Rankings10/21/2011Download

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 KRVA Club Championships Results 2012 Minimize

 KRVA Open Championship Results 2012 Minimize

2012 - Keystone Region Volleyball Association
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